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Brand Concept

Tattoos from the comfort of your own home and with no needles or pain required

Temporary tattoos are more popular than ever

A far cry from the cheesy temporary tattoos we used to buy out of gumball machines

Sanika San

I ordered 3 tattoos and now I have a whole month and a half to decide on a permanent one.


The tattoo is clear, it showed up well, the delivery was on time, everything as promised :) I ordered more!


I'm not sure about getting a real one, but I want to try. Ordinary transfers peel off quickly, I got these, and it turned out great!


Beautiful and will appeal to everyone on Instagram and real life. Now some friends want one too! :)


I wanted tattoos for a long time, but I didn’t want to take the risk. I ordered several pieces from Everink at once, and then I made another order :)


It looks clear, and it's comfortable — to hold for an hour and a half. Everyone thought it was a real tattoo. Just great for a makeover.

Christy Hope

Great temporary tattoo. Looks so real. Tattoo literally lasted in great condition for 12 days. I’m sure it would have lasted longer if I didn’t get in a pool.

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These Tatoos are so AWESOME. I love it.. They look so real and natural. The color is very nice and defined and what I love the most is that, they don't rub off easily and are waterproof.

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I use these temporary tattoos for my glitter tumblers. They are extremely easy to use. The sparkle of the glitter comes through the translucent butterflies for a nice effect. I would definitely buy these again.

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Love love love this item!!

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Semi-permanent tattoo

Tattoo stickers last 1-2 weeks

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Black tattoo stickers

These dark colored temporary tattoos are the most popular tattoos suitable for all ages

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Our temporary tattoos will keep its flash, color, and glitter look.

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